Video-Based Systems

AI-powered traffic reporting. iTHEIA™ data recording.

Access high-quality traffic data for insight, planning, and reporting requirements.

iTHEIA™ Traffic data system

Real-Time. Video-based. Traffic data collection.

Our traffic data system, iTHEIA™, utilizes video and machine learning for vehicle traffic counting and classification, eliminating the need to upload video for third-party processing. It efficiently processes up to 8 lanes of bidirectional traffic with high accuracy, providing essential data such as volume, classification, lane, speed, images, and timestamps. With portable and permanent options, iTHEIA™ offers flexibility for short-term and long-term deployments. Key features include accurate traffic counting and classification from 1-120 mph, non-intrusive roadside installation, real-time classification, saved images for verification, and customizable data export options. Setting up iTHEIA™ is simple, involving the installation of a side view camera and electronics at the roadside, often using existing infrastructure. Users can configure systems using a remote interface and a laptop, ensuring quick station setup and immediate data collection.