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IRD and ETC have united under the Quarterhill brand to ignite change in the transportation industry. With our shared legacies of excellence and progress,  we're forging pathways to a safer, more connected world where transportation goes beyond boundaries. Join us on this journey of imagination and invention.

Safer, smarter transportation
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Maximum tolling efficiency. Unparalleled customer satisfaction.

We’re dedicated to delivering efficient and highly-intuitive tolling solutions, backed by leading professionals, to ensure the level of customer service and operational excellence our customers depend on.

safety and enforcement

Intelligent, precise, and automated. Safety and enforcement upgraded.

Upgrade your road safety programs with our intelligent transportation solutions. Precision, automation, and intelligent analytics—commercial vehicle enforcement, freight compliance, and active transportation management that are unbeatable and unstoppable.


AI-powered and data-driven. Logistics ops you can rely on.

From real-time container tracking to data-driven demand forecasting, our logistics solutions enhance and ensure smarter, more efficient, and fully-transparent global supply chain management.


The industries, authorities, and companies we’re proud to serve.

Quarterhill builds smarter transportation tech for a more modern industry—on a global scale that includes presence in North America and Europe, as well as other parts of the world. We proudly provide solutions for government agencies, toll operators, and private sectors.

Departments of Transportation

We offer scalable solutions for efficiency and reliability in toll collection, enforcement, and highway management, ensuring smarter road infrastructure and optimized traffic flow.

Toll Authorities

We provide cutting-edge technology, including automated free-flow toll collection, enforcement systems, and seamless integration with existing infrastructure to enhance revenue and traveler experience.

Transport Companies

Logistics providers rely on our advanced systems to streamline operations. Our tools boost productivity, improve safety, ensure compliance, and drive sustainability efforts.

Local Governments

Our technologies aid local governments in analyzing traffic patterns and managing mobility to create safer, more adaptable urban environments.

Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies benefit from our automated screening systems that accurately detect noncompliant vehicles while maximizing the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicle operations.

Other Transportation Tech Users

Our solutions cater to diverse transportation needs, offering real-time monitoring, resource optimization, and insightful analytics to meet varied transportation needs.
Our technology partners

Over 50 years of expertise.


We’re global

We specialize in designing, developing, and deploying technology systems for the intelligent transportation systems industry. With a presence throughout North America and Europe, we operate globally, extending our services to government agencies, toll operators, and private industries.


We’re proven

We’re recognized leaders in developing and deploying technology for the transportation industry. Our expanding portfolio includes industry-first solutions for enhancing transportation safety and efficiency. Our team plays a pivotal role in improving the quality of life in interconnected communities.


We’re innovative

We have a continually expanding range of services and solutions. We introduce cutting-edge technology into transportation planning, operations, and management by developing software platforms that provide transportation intelligence.


Work with world-class specialists and revolutionize transportation with intelligent technology.


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