Vehicle Data

Designed for above-ground collecting and counting.

Our radar-based vehicle data solutions are all designed for effective data collection, effortless installation, and cost savings—providing speed measurement, vehicle detection, and reliable traffic count and classification data.

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TMS-SA Traffic Counter

Vehicle counter + classifier. Compact, portable, and non-intrusive.

The TMS-SA traffic counter is a compact, portable, non-intrusive vehicle counter/classifier that is ideal for temporary traffic studies.

  • Uses doppler radar to count vehicles, measure speed and classify up to four length categories
  • Safe and easy installation, discreet data collection, and all-weather operation
  • Software allows you to set up the radar and download the traffic data
  • Set up and download data via Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Records date, hour, speed, and length of each vehicle
  • Memory of 1,000,000 vehicles

TMA-122 Microwave Detector

Precise vehicle counting. Approaching or stopped.

The TMA-122 microwave detector replaces approach and presence loops at stop lines, detecting approaching and stopped vehicles for precise vehicle counting.

  • Adjustable detection range and two relays customize traffic control response to varying traffic conditions
  • Enhances intersection control by maintaining a "stop line" relay for easy vehicle counting
  • Alerts the control system of potential congestion
  • Detects both moving and stationary vehicles—up to 60 m/200 ft for movement, 10 or 15 m (30 to 50 ft)  for presence at the stop line
  • Above-ground installation, works in all weather conditions
TMA-60 radar on traffic light post scanning oncoming car

IcomSpeed RADAR

Three OEM radars. Compact and energy efficient.

The IcomSpeed range includes three OEM radars designed to meet all different applications requested by the Variable Message Sign (VMS) market.

  • Can be integrated into your product, such as a speed display panel or a VMS
  • Can be used for speed display signs, public lighting management systems, or variable message signs
  • Compact, energy-efficient speed sensor OEM radars easily integrate into your application
  • Measures speed and transmits it on RS-232 output
  • Equipped with an open collector whose trigger speed threshold can be set
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