Radar Detection

Accurate measurements. Awesome performance.

The IcomSpeed range includes three OEM radars designed to meet all different applications requested by the VMS market. Due to its flatness, the unit can easily be integrated into your product, such as a speed display panel or a VMS (Variable Message Sign). It can also be used to trigger more complex systems, such as a camera.

IcomSpeed Radar

OEM doppler speed radar. Low power, solar powered, and easy to integrate.

The IcomSpeed is our base OEM Doppler radar that detects vehicle speed.

  • Very low power consumption for solar poweredvariable message signs
  • No maintenance
  • Compact and easy to integrate into your design
  • Outstanding speed accuracy

IcomSpeed Doppler Radar

Measure speed faster. Count vehicles efficiently.

The IcomSpeed Counting is a Doppler radar designed to measure the speed and count approaching or receding vehicles.

  • Thanks to its compact size and planar antenna, it is suitable for integration into variable message signs to indicate the speed of approaching vehicles
  • Measurement unit can be set to mph or km/h
  • 325 ft (100 m) detection range
  • Speed accuracy: 98%, Count accuracy: up to 90%

IcomSpeed Distance Radar

Target speed and distance. Count vehicles in two directions.

The IcomSpeed distance measures the speed and the distance to the target and transmits it on its RS-232 output. It is also equipped with an open collector for which the trigger speed and distance thresholds can be set.

  • Distance measurement allows many different applications, including vehicle counting in two directions
  • Easily integrated with speed displays, public lighting management systems, and variable message signs
  • Detection direction is adjustable: approach, receding or bidirectional
  • Distance accuracy +/-2 meters
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