Intersection Management

Vulnerable user detection. Reduce traffic congestion.

Our intersection management systems, leveraging Doppler radar sensor technology, feature cutting-edge vehicle and vulnerable user detection. Our solutions improve traffic congestion, reduce energy consumption, mitigate CO2 emissions, and improve vulnerable user safety.

vehicle detection

Advanced traffic detection. Vehicles approaching intersections.

Intelligent, safer traffic management starts with our vehicle detection solutions—Doppler radar-powered solutions that offer induction loop replacement for stationary and moving vehicle detection and stop-line counting. These sensors detect vehicles approaching intersections to improve traffic flow to enable multiple traffic safety applications, including dynamic speed warnings and smart lighting. Our sensors are unaffected by frost, heat, or humidity, require no maintenance, and are impervious to ambient light or temperature fluctuations. 

vulnerable road user detection

Pedestrian and cyclist detection. Vulnerable user protection.

Doppler radar and LiDAR technology detects vulnerable road user movement at intersections, ensuring safer pedestrian crossings and a smoother experience for cyclists. Proactive hazard detection instantly activates preventive safety measures as pedestrians approach risky areas. Dynamic pedestrian detection can be used to extend green lights for pedestrian crossings, reducing rush and enhancing safety. Our intelligent streetlight feature illuminates pedestrian paths, promoting visibility and security. Our systems for cyclists ensure smooth intersection passage with an automatic green light and a night-time safety feature that uses cyclist-dedicated streetlight control and motorist alerts. Distance-based cycle detection adjusts signal timing for cyclists' unique traffic needs.

I-Safe Dynamic Speed Display Signs

Radar speed signs. Light weight, easy to operate.

Improve safety for vulnerable road users with a technology that is proven to get motorists to reduce speed. Our radar signs improve road safety at uncontrolled crossings, at work zones, in school zones, and at other high-risk areas. With their light weight, integrated radars, and removable batteries our signs are easy to set up and operate. Optional solar power supply kits can make them fully autonomous. We offer LED color options for all jurisdictions.