Over-dimension detection. Vehicle damage protection.

Our over-dimension detection systems manage and prevent damage from oversized commercial vehicles. LiDAR-powered tech ensures accurate measurements and increases safety on highways, at weigh stations, on toll roads, and in areas with critical infrastructure.

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Over-Height Vehicle Detection

Approaching vehicle detection. Structural damage protection.

The Over-Height Vehicle Detection System (OHVDS) screens for over-height commercial vehicles to prevent damage to low bridge structures and overpasses.

  • Detects vehicles approaching overhead obstacles like bridges and tunnels
  • Individually warns drivers, allowing them to avoid collisions
  • Reduces damage to trucks/trailers and fewer occupant injuries
  • Decreased damage to public structures
  • Reduced traffic backups caused by overhead collisions
  • Fewer accident claims due to reduced commercial vehicle accidents involving overhead structures

LiDAR Vehicle Dimensioning

Cutting-edge LiDAR tech. Screens approaching vehicles.

Our LiDAR Vehicle Dimensioning System accurately screens and measures commercial vehicles as they approach weigh stations, toll roads, or other critical areas where adherence to dimension regulations is essential.

  • Utilizes cutting-edge laser technology from a gantry above the road to scan vehicles more precisely
  • Determines vehicle position through distance and angle measurements
  • Reduces collisions between oversized commercial vehicles and bridge structures
  • Identifies vehicles transporting oversized loads without proper permits as part of an e-screening system
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