Lane Configuration

Next-gen tolling. Smart mobility tech.

A full range of multi-lane, free-flow configurations. From electronic and open road to high occupancy and express lane tolling. 

intelligent roadside solutions

Customizable roadside options. Versatile field subsystems.

Our roadside options are fully-customizable and offer single or double-cantilever gantries, overhead-only or in-pavement arrays. These systems support dynamic trip-building, managed lanes, intelligent transportation systems, occupancy detection, and emerging smart mobility solutions.

tailored infrastructure designs

Designed to your specs. Modular, configurable, and reliable.

Our infrastructure solutions can be tailored for green-field or brown-field projects, single or multi-lane gantry configurations, side-fire or infrastructure-light designs, and in-pavement or overhead-only installations. Our modular, configurable, microservice-based design offers flexible business rule processing, while cloud and edge computing ensure lightweight design and processing efficiency.

flexible tolling and pricing strategies

Futurized tolling solutions. Revolutionary pricing models.

We’re able to work with you to offer out-of-the-box support for tolling and pricing strategies—configurable for various roadside types, including traditional tolling, express lanes, congestion management, road-user charging, and parking. Our solutions and strategies are designed for multi-modal expansion, catering to mobile tolling, mobility as a service, vehicle-to-everything communication, connected and autonomous vehicles, and beyond.

multi-lane free-flow system

Scalable tolling solutions. Always one step ahead.

Our multi-lane free-flow system scales and adapts to evolving traffic volumes and new, or emerging technologies. Our tolling solutions stay industry-leading through continuous updates and innovative commitment, ensuring sustainable benefits over time. Transform your toll roads and unlock the potential of free-flowing traffic for seamless road travel.