Processing Systems

Pass through tolling points. No need to slow down.

Our electronic toll collection system allows vehicles to pass through tolling points at highway speeds without slowing down. Sensors and cameras scan and record toll transponder signals and license plates, ensuring vehicles are processed quickly and accurately while maintaining their pace.

transit event capture

Vehicle identification. At the speed of traffic.

Our advanced identification systems rely on RFID technology, automatic plate recognition, and vehicle detection and classification functionality combined with AI, to ensure accuracy, without fail.

transit event processing

Modern vehicle processing. Big data infrastructure.

Our event processor merges big-data infrastructure and a modern UI/UX with configurable micro-services and pricing algorithms. It handles traditional tolling, express lanes, dynamic pricing, parking, and multi-service transactions in a single platform.

image-based processing

Cloud-based vehicle ID. Ai-powered image processing.

Our cloud-based vehicle identification tech uses AI to minimize manual image processing, and operational costs—surpassing traditional OCR technologies by transforming standard image capture cameras into efficient vehicle recognition systems. When needed, our Human License Plate Recognition (HLPR) technology reduces manual image review to a minor operations cost. HLPR uses characteristics from the machine learning system to route images to the correct reviewer to minimize review times.