Freight mobility. Redefined and streamlined.

Streamlined safety and asset management. Simplified operations via cutting-edge technology.

freight mobility data, analysis and planning

Freight mobility safety and efficiency. All backed by data.

Increase safety and security to help facilitate planning and goods movement across freight corridors and intermodal connection points. Data analysis, planning, and management ensure freight transportation systems become more efficient and resilient.

identification and characterization

Freight ID and analysis. Powered by AI and machine vision.

Our solutions incorporate AI and machine vision to identify trailer types, commodity types, containers, and other vehicle characteristics more precisely—enabling freight movement patterns to be determined with more accuracy.

Did you know?

We’re planning for a future of improved operations.

Elevate Safety and Asset Management through cutting-edge technology that streamlines maintenance, mitigates risks, and facilitates cost recovery. Embrace a new era of freight transportation transformation.

safety and asset management

Freight assets management. Real-time data reporting.

Our solutions provide private sector fleet managers with real-time data on asset operating condition and repair status, and characteristics of equipment for maintenance management, reduction of safety-related liability, cost recovery of damaged assets, and planning for future operational improvements.