In-Road Sensor Systems

High-performance sensors. Top-notch data collection.

Discover Quarterhill’s range of specialized sensors, collecting and delivering data and vehicle monitoring for any roadway application.

axle sensors

Broad range of axle sensors. Unmatched accuracy and versatility.

A complete line of axle sensors to meet your data collection needs—plus, we offer a complete line of accessories, grouts, and epoxies to help you install and set up your sensors.

Tire Sensors

VectorSense™ tire sensors. Leverage actionable vehicle insights.

The VectorSense™ tire sensor suite provides previously unavailable vehicle and traffic data, including lane position information, single/dual and super single tire measurement, and identification of low-pressure tires, all at highway speed, for use in Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO), Toll Road Operations, and Vehicle Safety and Traffic Data Collection applications.

toll sensors

In-pavement toll sensors. Count, detect, and classify.

We offer toll sensors for direct installation in pavement, as complete treadle systems, or as individual sensors that are compatible with most installed treadle systems. Sensors are available for counting, single/dual detection, and vehicle classification.

Bicycle Sensors

Fiber-optic bike sensors. For lanes, trails, and tracks.

Our bicycle sensors are highly sensitive fiber-optic sensors that are specifically designed for bicycle detection and are used for bicycle counts in bicycle lanes, trails, and competition tracks.