Axle Sensors

Precise traffic monitoring. Smart axle sensors.

Our axle sensors provider precise traffic monitoring—from advanced quartz technology to portable fiber optic sensors, our solutions offer accurate speed detection and classification under diverse traffic conditions.

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Lineas® Quartz WIM

Sensor by Kistler. 20 years of proven deployment.

Lineas® Quartz WIM sensors, powered by Kistler's advanced quartz technology, measure vehicle gross weight under rolling traffic conditions.

  • Durable sensors that meet ASTM, COST, and OIML standards
  • Easy flush-mounted installation on any pavement surface
  • Offer reliability and high accuracy, with over 50,000 units installed worldwide
  • Applications include WIM and vehicle classification across various speed ranges

Piezoelectric RoadTrax BL

Permanent installation. Accurate speed data.

The Roadtrax BL Sensor, aptly named for resembling Brass Linguini, offers accurate speed and classification data.

  • Installed permanently in a road slot or taped down for portability
  • Provides robust performance and excellent value
  • Available in Class I for WIM applications and Class II for cost-effective use
  • Sensors come in various lengths and cable options, ensuring compatibility with different systems
  • Easy installation with minimal road cut and flexible sensor to conform to any road profile
TMA-60 radar on traffic light post scanning oncoming car

Sensor Line SPZ Sensor

Detects vehicles and bikes. Counts axles and measures speed.

The SL SPZ sensor detects vehicles and cyclists in road traffic for axle counting and speed measurement.

  • Installed permanently in concrete or asphalt roads using PU-based filler material
  • Deforms under wheel pressure, altering optical transmittance
  • Opto-electronic interfaces capture changes for traffic data processing
  • Accompanying products include the SL MA-X10 Electronic Interface and the SL MD-220 Electronic Interface

Sensor Line SMS Sensor

Fiber optic traffic sensor. Designed for temporary installations.

The SL SMS sensor is a flat fiber optic traffic sensor designed for temporary installations using road pocket tape, enabling quick and easy installation on the pavement.

  • Wheel pressure deforms the sensor, altering optical transmittance, which our optoelectronic interfaces detect for traffic data processing
  • Customizable sensitive and insensitive zones meet specific customer requirements
  • Quick and easy installation
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