Commerce and Mobility Platforms

Commerce and mobility. Meet the express lane.

Maximize payments more efficiently. Across all roads, lanes, and highways.

Back Office

Straight to the back office. Directly from the cloud.

Our platform addresses fundamental tolling requirements through a suite of ERP, CRM, and self-service applications. Delivered via the Cloud, our back-office solution enhances customer service, data governance, and security standards. It features market-tested, user-friendly interactive features within a secure environment, upgrading experience and operational efficiency. 

mobility marketplace

Electronic payments. Adaptable and customizable.

Our electronic payments processing systems are designed to accommodate additional transportation modes, including micro-mobility, on-demand transportation services, and car sharing, providing a comprehensive solution that meets the transportation industry’s need for mobility as a service.

Did you know?

We’re creating AI-powered, future-proof electronic tolling systems.

Our pioneering commerce and mobility platforms, refined over two decades, lead the industry with cloud-based software, artificial intelligence, and commercial off-the-shelf technologies. These solutions excel in high-speed, nonstop electronic toll collection for toll roads, express lanes, and road user charging, prioritizing customer needs to deliver a high-quality, user-friendly experience.

toll interoperability

End-to-end compatibility. Hub-to-hub connectivity.

We ensure seamless hub-to-hub connectivity and facilitate communication between all agencies and manage financial reconciliation. Our interoperability solutions enable the efficient transfer, processing, remittance and reconciliation of both AVI and Image-based transactions across multiple toll operators.

Insights and Analytics

Big data analytics. Highly-intuitive dashboards.

Our interactive analytics and reporting dashboard is powered by the same tech utilized by leading data companies, allowing you to search and sort through vast datasets in seconds for a simple and streamlined experience.

performance management

Real-time network monitoring. Proactive issue prevention.

We thoroughly monitor all equipment, networks, and communications to predict and solve any issues that may arise. Our flexible and responsive solutions unify monitoring to provide an intuitive view of data and operations.