Transit Event Capture

riteSuite™ is our electronic toll collection system.

Real-time data processing. Capable of instantly processing all in-lane vehicle and transit event data. riteSuite automates and simplifies instant toll transactions, while also minimizing traffic. The system ensures secure and instant data transmission, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing congestion.

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riteSuite™ Electronic Toll Collection System

For every tolling strategy, riteSuite™ is the solution.

At the core of our roadside infrastructure is the zone controller, a highly redundant system processing precise, real-time transit events.

  • Over 20 years of proven reliability across 1,800 lanes
  • Supports diverse lane configurations with a single code base
  • Features robust hardware and redundant setup exceeding SLA standards
  • Offers remote command capabilities for quick component replacement, ensuring uninterrupted operations

rite® Redundant Lane Controller

Multi-lane zones. Real-time transaction data.

Our rite® Redundant Lane Controller (riteRLC™) ensures data and revenue protection in our roadside system.

  • Captures and correlates real-time transaction data across multi-lane zones
  • Configurable for different toll zones or lane types
  • Offers expandability without obsolescence concerns
  • Features a failover system controlled by software for remote troubleshooting
  • Reduces complexity and downtime while minimizing hardware and infrastructure needs and revenue losses
TMA-60 radar on traffic light post scanning oncoming car

Transit Event Capture

Tech-agnostic. Performance over proprietary.

We prioritize performance over proprietary products. As a tolling systems integrator, we remain technology-agnostic, selecting the best roadside components for vehicle identification, classification, and image capture. We have an ever-expanding network of high-quality partner technologies used in our riteSuite™ Electronic Toll Collection system.

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