Portable Scales

Weight regulations met. Safety and compliance set.

Portable weighing systems offer a flexible, accurate, and efficient solution for on-the-go weight enforcement anywhere in the world. With advanced technologies and user-friendly interfaces, these systems bring the precision of stationary weighing to the convenience of mobile operations.

SAW III Axle Weigher

Portable axle scales. Reliable weight enforcement.

The SAW III portable axle weigher is a reliable solution for commercial vehicle weight enforcement both in North America and internationally. Renowned for its rugged design and extended service life, the SAW series has gained popularity among commercial vehicle enforcement agencies worldwide.

  • Portable scales hold EC approval with OIML R76 and CE certificates of conformity
  • NTEP-certified to NIST Handbook 44
  • Features a large backlit display for easy weight readings—these scales can be interconnected to measure axle weights from one side of the vehicle, enhancing efficiency
  • The option to use a laptop with dedicated software and Bluetooth connectivity for a safer distance for weight monitoring

DAW 300 Dynamic Axle Weigher

Portable WIM system. Measurements sent via Bluetooth.

The DAW 300 Bluetooth® is a portable Weigh-In-Motion System with wireless technology.

  • Can be installed on any level area within minutes
  • Rated weighing capacity is up to 20 tonnes (44,000 lbs) per axle and can weigh vehicles at speeds up to 10 kph (6 mph)
  • Measured loads are sent directly to your device via Bluetooth®
  • Limits for single axles, axle groups, and total weight are programmable. Overweights are displayed when pre-programmed weight limits are exceeded
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