Audit and Enforcement

Game changing insights. Unparalleled capabilities.

Real-time data. All from a single source.

digital video auditing

Revolutionary auditing capabilities. Digital video analytics.

Ensure system accuracy and performance measurement like never before. Our digital video auditing technology is capable of verifying accuracy of vehicle identification, and trip-building processes by leveraging big-data infrastructure and event message streaming. This enables predictive analytics, automated work order notifications for prompt issue resolution, and a comprehensive audit trail.

violation enforcement

AI-powered plate ID tagging. Accurate, cloud-based simplicity.

Whether integrated or standalone, our violation enforcement solution uses the power of AI for vehicle and license plate capture, recognition, and tagging—surpassing traditional OCR technology. Our cloud-based system enhances image capture for superior automation, speed, and accuracy while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Did you know?

We’re optimizing auditing and enforcement for complete oversight.

Our tolling solutions offer a unified, user-friendly interface for comprehensive system oversight, designed to ensure auditability, accuracy, transparency, maintainability, and security. 

audit system performance

Automated performance. Real-time monitoring.

Predict potential issues proactively through automated real-time lane performance monitoring. Using automated data analysis, we can identify variances in lane performance and predict component failures before they occur, resulting in cost savings, improved performance, and revenue assurance.