Vulnerable Road User Detection

Detects vehicles at intersections. Protects people and cyclists.

Our doppler radar sensors offer advanced detection capabilities for pedestrians and cyclists, enhancing safety and reducing infrastructure costs.

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TMA-296 Doppler Sensor

Multifunction sensor. Two relay outputs.

The TMA-296 doppler sensor is a multifunction model equipped with two relay outputs. It detects vehicles at intersections, as well as speed warnings or smart traffic applications. The minimum and maximum speed, the distance of detection, and the direction of the movement are adjustable conditions to activate the relays.

  • Activation of signals and alerts for cyclists
  • Adjustable specs
  • Self-monitoring
  • Above-ground installation
  • Works in all weather
  • Maintenance-free

TMB-134 Doppler Sensor Radar

Detects approaching vehicles. Up to nine detection areas.

The TMB-134 detects vehicles approaching the stop line on multi-lane intersections. You can define up to nine detection areas, all configurable in position, size, and function. Each area activates a relay, triggered on movement. Additionally, the stop-line detection areas can be configured as presence detection zones: The relays are activated until the object leaves the zone.

  • Detects bicycles at the stop line
  • Above-ground installation
  • Works in all weather condition
  • Maintenance-free
TMA-60 radar on traffic light post scanning oncoming car

TMA-60 Multifunction Radar

Adjustable detection range. Compact and lightweight.

The TMA-60 radar is a multifunction radar with an adjustable detection range. It detects moving vehicles up to 150 m. It calls or extends the color phase of traffic lights. It can also wake up a lighting system in standby mode or activate a light signal when a vehicle passes by. Compact and lightweight, it can be installed quickly without civil engineering works or traffic stops.

  • Detects bicycles
  • 2 speed thresholds, 4 distance thresholds
  • Easy to install
  • Above-ground installation
  • Works in all weather
  • Maintenance-free

TMA-011 Sensor

Detects up to 30 m/100 ft. Protects people and cyclists.

The TMA-011 is designed to detect pedestrians and cyclists. Its distance of detection is adjustable and can reach 30 m/100 ft. It adapts the duration of the pedestrian green to the flow on the crosswalk. It can also wake up a standby light or call a green phase for cyclists without them having to step down to press the call button.

  • Standby light
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Quick Installation
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