Bicycle Sensors

Intelligent bicycle sensors. Ensure cyclist safety.

Our bicycle sensors are designed for bike detection and cyclist counting on bicycle paths and roadways.

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In-road fiber-optic sensor. Detects bikes, counts cyclists.

The SL PUR-BS sensor is a modified SL PUR in-road fiber-optic sensor for bicycle detection and cyclist counting that has a softer top layer of polyurethane-based resin than the standard SL PUR sensor.

  • Designed for permanent installation in concrete or asphalt roads
  • T-shape design ensures a fast and long-term installation
  • Accurate bicycle wheel detection through the deformation of the SL PUR-BS sensor upon contact
  • Innovative technology that measures the pressure on bike lanes in real-time
  • Reliable opto-electronic interfaces that detect changes in optical transmittance

SL-EZ Sensor

Detects vehicles in traffic. Simplifies counting, measuring, and classifying.

The SL EZ sensor detects vehicles in road traffic for applications like axle counting, speed measurement, headway measurement, vehicle classification, and cyclist counting.

  • Designed for permanent installation in concrete or asphalt roads
  • A polyurethane-based reinforced fiber optic traffic sensor is preinstalled in a frame of high-density polymer for a fast and easy replacement of the sensor stripes
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