Freight Mobility

Proactive monitoring. Efficient roadways.

Efficient, cost-effective processes. Streamlined freight compliance management. Effective global supply chain operations.

Intermodal terminals

Optimized freight management. From origin to destination.

Our solutions for specific transportation modes and modal interchange deliver critical data to transform the control of intermodal terminals through proficient management of individual modes, delivering a complete solution for efficient goods transportation.

asset management

Tire damage monitoring. Reduced maintenance costs.

We monitor and manage chassis assets to proactively identify damaged tires on returned trailers to prevent damage-related losses and safety issues. Our tire safety screening system inspects every vehicle as it leaves the terminal and verifies there are no flat, mismatched, or underinflated tires that could pose a safety risk.

Did you know?

We're improving both logistics efficiency and freight mobility.

Discover freight mobility logistics tech that streamlines your operations and strengthens security across intermodal terminals, ports, and borders. Our cutting-edge suite of products can be tailored to your needs.


Smarter entry tech. Land, water, and sea.

Our smart technology for both land and sea ports of entry revolutionizes operations by collecting, analyzing, and processing data more efficiently. We provide real-time vehicle information, security screening, as well as historical insights to simplify processes, improve performance, and enhance access security.

border protection

Efficient cross-border protection. Automated traffic detection.

We automatically monitor cross-border traffic to detect, surface, and address any equipment issues. Once identified, border personnel can be alerted in real time, providing greater efficiency and fewer risks.

access control

Intermodal terminals protected. Tech that’s proven and respected.

Secure access control for intermodal terminals in port operations is essential for efficient global supply chain operations. Our solutions use RFID-based access control, license plate recognition, and advanced analytics to target and reduce security risks and streamline access processes.