Smart Transportation

Radar detection. Data collection. Driver protection.

Active speed display, management, and data collection. Designed to ensure driver protection.

radar detection

Monitor of cyclists and cars. Install smart radars.

For smart cities aspiring to maximize safety and minimize pollution—transit is a top priority. Our detection radars help ensure road managers can oversee and manage various modes of transportation—especially those encouraging cycling as a daily mode of travel—by building a network of smart, safe, and efficient bike paths.

multimodal data

Pedestrian and cyclist detection. Data for intersection protection.

We help detect and protect vulnerable road users to ensure traffic and intersection safety for all travelers. In addition to traffic management, we also accommodate various modes of transport and traveler characteristics to protect pedestrians and cyclists at intersections.

Did you know?

We use multi-modal detection for road user protection.

Our multi-modal detection and intersection monitoring solutions contribute to building smarter cities, using data to prioritize the needs of all travelers, with a focus on keeping vulnerable pedestrians, cyclists and tourists safe.

intersection management

Pedestrians detected. Tech that keeps them protected.

Intersection traffic management by itself is no longer sufficient—pedestrians and cyclists are vulnerable, and require protection too. Our intersection management solutions detect and evaluate road users based on characteristics to help identify vulnerability in a more efficient, scalable and reliable way.

vulnerable travelers

Innovative detection. Safer intersections.

We offer data-driven optimization for intersections and connectivity to help ensure the safety and monitoring of vulnerable tourists—solutions that cover various transportation modes, enabling efficient multimodal management while improving individual mode management to make travelers feel safer while visiting foreign cities.