Traffic Recording System

Traffic recorded. Data reported.

Our updated Traffic A.C.E.+ and TRS lines, designed for compatibility and flexibility, offer incredible data capabilities through various inputs—from road tubes to WIM sensors, ensuring comprehensive and accurate traffic data recording under any conditions.

Traffic A.C.E. + Traffic Counter

Traffic counting. Made simple.

Introducing the Traffic A.C.E.+ Traffic Counter, a tool designed with simplicity in mind for effective temporary traffic counts. It accommodates multiple sensor inputs and features a clear LCD display for straightforward setup.

TRS Counter/Classifiers and TRS WIM

Traffic monitoring and recording. Streamline management and reporting.

Discover data collection efficiency at its finest with the TRS Counter/Classifiers and TRS WIM traffic recording systems. Engineered for superior flexibility and effectiveness, these units support a variety of traffic data applications to streamline your traffic management needs. The design of the units takes different applications into account, from portable traffic counting to permanently installed weigh-in-motion data recording. They can either be packaged in a portable enclosure that has been weatherproofed for reliability in diverse conditions, or they can be rack-mounted for permanent setups.