WIM Controllers

WIM controllers for traffic data collection. Customizable for your needs.

Our iSINC® WIM controllers are designed for versatility and ruggedness, offering customizable configurations tailored to your site’s needs while our iANALYZE® software optimizes data management, analysis, and reporting from WIM sites.

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iSINC® Lite ITS System Electronics

Compact design. Robust construction. Low-power consumption.

iSINC® Lite is a system that collects and manages traffic data efficiently by offering a versatile and adaptable platform.

  • Customizable system aligns with the specific requirements of their sites, addressing the limitations of generic solutions
  • iSINC® Lite provides an efficient and tailored approach to traffic data collection
  • Enables compliance with regulations, supporting pre-screening, and facilitating the effective management of external systems

iSINC® ITS System Electronics

Comprehensive functionality + adaptability. Effective vehicle WIM functionality.

The core strength of iSINC® lies in its comprehensive functionality and adaptability.

  • Central component of traffic and truck Weigh-In-Motion systems
  • Effectively addresses the task of seamlessly integrating and managing various ITS functions
  • Focuses on resolving the specific challenge of efficiently orchestrating a variety of devices and tasks
  • Results in streamlined operations at weigh stations and traffic data collection sites
  • Units are designed to be installed outside at the roadside, have a broad temperature range, and can withstand extreme weather
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iAnalyze®7 traffic data analysis

Advanced processing. Handles substantial amounts of data.

iANALYZE®7 stands out for its capability to streamline the organization and analysis of traffic data obtained from various Quarterhill traffic data recorders and WIM system electronics, including iSINC controllers.

  • Comprehensive features, such as advanced data processing, standardized report generation, and compatibility with a variety of equipment formats
  • Addresses the complexity of handling substantial amounts of traffic data
  • Caters to the demand for a centralized and user-friendly solution in the realm of traffic data management
  • Ensures efficiency and precision in tasks related to analysis and reporting
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