Comprehensive service. uninterrupted traffic operations.

Clients rely on uninterrupted operations, whether for traffic sorting, safety messaging to vehicles, toll calculations, or data collection. To ensure optimal systems performance, we offer a comprehensive and customizable range of service options.

Maintenance and Service Contracts

Prompt issue resolution. Optimal equipment performance.

Beyond standard maintenance contracts, we also offer third-party equipment maintenance, traffic data collection, and processing programs. Our teams collaborate to ensure issues are resolved immediately so equipment works perfectly—including repairs scheduling and data accuracy verification. Our in-house technical support team offers remote assistance for system issues, and on-site field personnel handle hands-on tasks.

Weigh-In-Motion System Maintenance

WIM system maintenance. Turn-key and on demand.

With over 40 years of experience, we specialize in installing and maintaining weigh-in-motion systems. Our maintenance packages cater to various needs, from as-needed services to comprehensive turn-key solutions, including installation, data collection, and quality assurance.