AI & Machine Vision

Non-intrusive Inspection tech. Ai-powered accuracy.

AI-powered commercial vehicle screening designed to elevate the efficiency and precision of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) offers unparalleled accuracy and security to keep roads safe and operations seamless.

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USDOT License Plate Readers

Automated number readers. Reliable vehicle ID.

Effective ITS systems rely on high read rates for reliable vehicle identification. License Plate Readers (LPR) and USDOT readers are crucial for tracking vehicles during screening and inspection, linking truck identifying information to the system's vehicle records.

  • Time and resource-saving plate number identification
  • Reads and identifies plates from all jurisdictions
  • High read rates and accuracy in all lighting conditions and at all times of day
  • Provides information to E-screening systems that identify vehicles to look up registration information, safety records and credentials

Thermal Brake Inspection System

Non-intrusive sensors. Thermal brake inspection.

Our thermal brake inspection system uses non-intrusive thermal imaging to examine brakes and tires on moving vehicles, enhancing safety and efficiency. By automating routine tasks, staff can focus on vehicles of interest. This technology addresses critical safety concerns related to commercial vehicles, detecting anomalies in brakes and tires by analyzing the hub, rim, and tire temperature data.

  • Non-intrusive sensors extend roadway life, reducing congestion and downtime
  • Ramp-based installation screens more vehicles than manual inspections
  • Optimizes resources, enhancing productivity.
TMA-60 radar on traffic light post scanning oncoming car

HAZMAT Placard ID Readers

HAZMAT placard readers. Automate vehicle ID.

Automated identification of hazardous material transport vehicles enhances safety by optimizing manual resources and streamlining monitoring processes. By automating data collection and procedures, incidents involving hazardous materials can be reduced. Integration with License Plate Readers or Overview Cameras allows officials to swiftly identify vehicles needing inspection and verify Hazmat placards, ensuring efficient monitoring at full highway speeds.

  • Enhances efficiency of the HazMat screening process
  • Rapid compliance assessment optimizes staff utilization
  • Helps monitor HAZMAT routes and verify permits
  • Collects reliable data for traffic studies, mandatory reporting, and trend analysis
  • Provides insights that boost confidence and safety

CVSA Decal Reader

AI-powered decal readers. Automated vehicle pre-screening.

Our CVSA Decal Reader utilizes AI technology to automate the pre-screening of commercial vehicles before they enter weigh stations. By accurately analyzing decal information, including number, color, and corner clipping, it determines a vehicle’s last inspection and whether it requires inspection again, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Automate critical inspection tasks, reducing the workload for weigh station inspectors

Enhance pre-selection before vehicles reach weigh stations, ensuring a more accurate and efficient inspection procedure

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