Data Solutions

Streamlined data. Actionable insights. Accessible anywhere.

Actionable data and insights.From all over the place to just one place.

cloud-based solutions

Streamlined and cloud-based. Not all over the place.

Whether cloud-based or on-premise, our solutions are easily integrated and transform multiple data sources—from roadside operations to back-office analytics—into streamlined insights you can view, and act on, from anywhere.

in-road sensor systems

In-road sensors. On-the-grid planning.

Detect and classify all types of vehicles with in-road sensors. Our data solutions extend to cyclists and micro-mobility travel, to help support equity and decarbonization. We provide comprehensive insights into transportation demand for optimal transportation planning.

Did you know?

We have data that informs smarter planning and decision-making.

Our data solutions harness cloud-based technologies, roadside systems, and video-based AI systems to provide research-quality data with wide applications in transportation planning.

Traffic Recording Systems

Vehicle recording. Speed reporting.

We provide traffic data solutions capable of counting, classifying, and measuring vehicles and their speed—invaluable data for traffic management, planning, and analysis.

video-based systems

Recorded by video. Reported through data.

Video-based data collection and analysis all powered by AI—solutions that deliver insights with unparalleled accuracy and reliability for smarter planning and operational decisions.

maintenance monitoring

Customized tech support. Available onsite or off.

Our maintenance monitoring for hardware and software reduces downtime and helps optimize your investments. We offer fully-customizable remote and onsite support so you can download and validate data in order to elevate the performance of your transportation systems.