Roadside Technologies

Ultra-modern toll collection. End-to-end solutions.

Transforming today’s roadway operations. Paving the way and preparing for tomorrow.

Lane Configurations

High-speed transactions. Lower upfront cost.

Our cloud data processing and storage enables high-speed transactions across multiple lanes and modes to enhance scalability while minimizing capital investment.

processing systems

Automated processing. Powered by AI.

Our systems are built on, and powered by big data infrastructure, patented pricing algorithms, and AI to deliver multimodal transaction capture, real-time data, automation, predictive maintenance, and precise road-user charging at a more cost-effective rate.

Did you know?

We’re tackling congestion and emissions using innovative toll strategies.

Our tolling solutions and strategies solve congestion and help control emissions. We offer a variety of pricing strategies, including express lanes, road user charging, and other dynamic pricing applications, all backed by decades of experience and expertise.

insights and analytics

Big data analytics. Highly-intuitive dashboards.

Our interactive dashboards turn complex data into intuitive visuals , serving up at-a-glance insights for faster, more informed decision-making. With real-time updates and user-friendly controls, the insights and digital interface simplify traditional reporting landscape into an engaging, efficient experience.

performance management

Real-time monitoring. Proactive issue prevention.

We thoroughly monitor all equipment, networks, and communications to predict and solve any issues that may arise. Our multi-protocol and interoperability solutions unify monitoring to provide an intuitive view of data and operations.

congestion charging

Innovative strategies. Unmatched flexibility.

Our customizable solutions make it possible to maximize your electronic payment systems—complete support for cutting-edge mobility strategies, including location-based, time-sensitive, and vehicle-specific pricing.