Safety and Enforcement

Smarter traffic safety services. Safer transport networks.

Our Safety and Enforcement services provide comprehensive solutions to ensure compliance and maintain road safety. With advanced technologies and innovative approaches, we help create a secure and efficient transportation system.


Embrace the power of innovation with automated enforcement operations, non-intrusive freight compliance monitoring, and data-centric active transportation systems to ensure safer, smarter, and more efficient transport networks.

commercial vehicle enforcement

Reliable roadside solutions. Revolutionary operational efficiency.

Precise weight enforcement, automated screening, and intelligent reporting for enhanced safety and environmental performance are just a few of the ways we drive reliable traffic safety. We also provide advanced screening technology for vehicle dimensioning, overload and tire safety screening, vehicle identification, and inspection status determination.

Streamlined screening

Automated screening process, reduces manual intervention and expedites vehicle inspections.

Insightful reporting

Comprehensive reporting on vehicle dimensioning, overload, tire safety, and inspection status.

Smarter, safer, and more efficient. Welcome to the future of transport.
automated enforcement

Optimized truck weight monitoring. Maximum safety and compliance.

Our solutions offer streamlined approaches to monitoring truck weights, ensuring efficient detection of overloaded vehicles and enhancing overall road safety, while also ensuring regulatory compliance.

Automated 24/7 enforcement

Using advanced technology, including weigh-in-motion sensors and AI, we monitor and issue citations 24/7.

Violation identification

Utilize machine vision and AI algorithms to accurately detect vehicles in violation of regulations.

data solutions

Intuitive data solutions. Intelligent traffic management.

Empower intelligent traffic management with our innovative data solutions, offering comprehensive and actionable insights.

Customized data reporting

Cloud-based or on-premise, our offerings enable you to enrich your data reporting capabilities.

Enhanced traffic management

Combine traffic management technologies with rich data sources to understand traffic flow.

freight mobility

Freight compliance.

Streamlined freight management, reduced chassis asset maintenance costs, more efficient ports of entry using smart technology, faster border screening, and enhanced security and efficiency for global supply chain operations.

Real-time monitoring

Our solutions offer real-time insights, facilitating efficient facility management across sectors like rails, ports, mining, and border crossings.

Actionable insights for facility management

Achieve efficient facility management, safety, and compliance goals with our solutions.

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