Commercial Vehicles

The future of transportation. Automated, efficient, and safe.

Improving the quality of the entire transportation system. Utilizing revolutionary and robust CVE solutions to achieve it.

commercial roadside technologies

Streamlined traffic management. Advanced roadside technologies.

Our enforcement systems are fully capable of managing heavy vehicle traffic to minimize congestion at commercial vehicle inspection facilities. By integrating AI and machine vision into the screening processes, our tech enhances system effectiveness and minimizes the resources required by enforcement agencies.

weight compliance

Optimized commercial vehicle enforcement. Weigh-in-motion screening.

Elevate your commercial vehicle enforcement with our advanced weigh-in-motion technology—enhance your road safety and operations with unmatched accuracy, high measurement confidence, and effective vehicle screening capabilities.

Did you know?

With our help, the future of traffic safety has officially arrived.

Our commercial vehicle enforcement solutions optimize traffic management, safety, and compliance. Using Weigh-In-Motion, AI, and other advanced technologies, our systems improve and ensure efficiency.

tire anomaly detection

Screen for unsafe tires.
Pinpoint anomalies through data.

With its ability to categorize tire anomalies and surface unsafe tire conditions, our tire detection technology targets and specifies the required actions to ensure vehicle and public safety by using high-speed detection and timely driver notifications.


Automate weight compliance. Digitize operational efficiency.

Our E-screening tech is fully-automated and capable of screening for weight, safety, and compliance in real-time, even at highway speeds. Fully-compliant vehicles can bypass on approach, while those flagged for weight or credential issues are selected for inspection.


End-to-end maintenance. Peak ops performance.

Maintain optimal performance across all digital, mobile, and fixed assets through always on fully-comprehensive monitoring and management. Stay up to speed with automated alerts and support for all of your hardware and software maintenance management.