Multi-Modal Data

Smart mobility solutions. Smarter cities on-the-go.

Our comprehensive vehicle and bicycle data offerings are designed to enhance transportation planning, monitoring, and safety. Elevate your community’s mobility strategy and drive smarter decisions for a more sustainable and connected future.

vehicle data

Advanced sensor tech. Real-time traffic monitoring.

Real-time traffic monitoring, made possible through sensor technology—parking optimization, and intelligent transportation systems, capable of providing precise vehicle presence, speed, and direction data. With high accuracy and reliability, weather-resilient performance, and non-intrusive data collection, our radar sensors allow you to make data-informed decisions and enhance transportation efficiency. 

bicycle data

Sustainable planning and safety. Radar-collected bicycle data.

Communities that are encouraging sustainable transportation need accurate bicycle data for planning and safety. Our combined radar/LiDAR sensors provide unmatched precision, reliably counting cyclists even when they are in groups. Our sensors feature high-precision accuracy, extended range, and discreet design to support traffic monitoring, usage analysis, and safety assessments. Beyond numbers, insights from our sensors inform policy, infrastructure, and safety programs, guiding cycling-friendly initiatives.