Cloud-based solutions. Ai-powered operations.

Our advanced cloud-based tolling solutions are intuitive, scalable, and secure for seamless transactions and reliable operations. Everything is streamlined from within our own digital infrastructure, from transaction processing to customer interactions.


Backed by 50 years of experience pioneering, perfecting, and proving our technology, we deliver a fully comprehensive, cloud-based toll operations platform—digital solutions designed for enhanced interoperability + connectivity + seamless, real-time roadside data sharing.

roadside technologies

Efficient tolling. Modern roads.

Our solutions couple readily available commercial technologies and near real-time messaging for immediate efficiency gains. Designed for adaptability to future demands, and changes in tolling operations, our solutions don't just meet the demands of today, but evolve to meet the prospects of tomorrow.

Technology Integration

Coupling readily available commercial technologies and near real-time data streaming for efficiency.


Solutions are designed for adaptability to future demands and changes in tolling operations.

Seamless transactions. Reliable operations.
commerce and mobility

Simplified toll systems. Easy integration.

Introducing toll interoperability that ensures seamless toll payments across a diverse array of toll systems—providing drivers with a convenient, and connected, experience.

Convenience + freedom

The disconnect of juggling multiple toll accounts has finally been connected. Our solutions provide seamless integration, streamlining the toll payment process—providing drivers with a greater sense of freedom and ease no matter where they go.

audit and enforcement

24/7 tolling compliance. 100% efficient and accurate.

Ensuring optimal efficiency with industry-leading accuracy, our audit and enforcement systems guarantee precise monitoring and enforcement of tolling regulations.

Automated and Interactive

Leveraging a cloud-based service, we strike a balance between automation and human oversight.

Swift and Precise

Agile vehicle recognition systems operate with remarkable speed and precision.

Tolling Services

Assistance whenever you need it.

Our tolling services drive efficiency across all aspects of tolling operations, from field management to office administration, ensuring streamlined processes and optimal performance.

Comprehensive support

We provide extensive support for our solutions, featuring a network of highly skilled and certified technicians who deliver quality maintenance services, assuring operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Quality assurance

Our dedicated maintenance and support services guarantee quality customer service, ensuring that tolling systems are maintained at peak performance levels, thereby facilitating smooth operations and reliability

More solutions

Explore safety and enforcement and logistics.

Safety and Enforcement

Explore comprehensive safety solutions

Our Safety and Enforcement services ensure compliance and road safety with advanced technologies, fostering a secure transportation system for all.


Discover global logistics solutions

Our logistics services provide reliable global solutions, ensuring timely and secure delivery of your goods to their destination.