Accurate WIM tech. Efficient traffic monitoring.

Our advanced weigh-in-motion tech provides fast, accurate vehicle weight measurements under all traffic conditions for efficient traffic monitoring, overload detection, and precise statistical analysis.

PAT Bending Plate® System

PAT Bending Plate® System Versatile load scale system. For detection, monitoring, and maintenance.

Designed for various WIM applications like traffic monitoring, overload detection, tolling, and road maintenance—the PAT Bending Plate® is a versatile load cell scale system.

  • A reputation for durability and reliability, this system has a global footprint and a lifespan exceeding ten years
  • Serves multiple transportation functions, including traffic monitoring, road maintenance, overload detection/enforcement, tolling, statistics analysis, bridge protection, traffic safety, and port/border security.
  • ASTM Type I and Type III
  • Speed 0-200 kph (0-125 mph)
  • Hermetically sealed steel plate

Single Load Cell WIM Scale

Single load cell weigh pads. Accurate vehicle weighing and classification.

The Single Load Cell (SLC™) Weigh-In-Motion weigh pads feature a self-contained unit with patented load transfer torque tubes, ensuring accurate and reliable data collection for vehicle weighing and classification.

  • Scales can be installed into existing or new pavement
  • Ideal for medium to high-speed applications
  • Offers high accuracy and reliability for enforcement pre-screening
  • Precise weight measurements for reliable data analysis
  • Ensures consistent and dependable results over time
  • Steel frames and weigh pads can be easily installed in existing or new pavement

Intercomp WIM Strip Sensors

Advanced strain gauge tech. Accurate vehicle weighing.

Intercomp strip sensors use advanced strain gauge technology, ensuring accuracy in vehicle weighing.

  • Maintains long-term accuracy and stability with fast response times and high sampling rates
  • Installs in narrow 3-inch channels like traditional WIM strip sensors
  • Reduces installation and maintenance time
  • Meets ASTM E1318-09 Type I, Type II, Type III, and COST 323 A(5), B+(7), and B(10) standards
  • Installs in sets of 1, 2, or 3 pairs with grout in pavement channels, simplifying installation and minimizing labor and time costs

Lineas® Quartz WIM Sensor by Kistler

Accurate vehicle weight measurement. Integrates onto any pavement surface.

The Lineas® Quartz WIM sensors utilize Kistler's quartz technology for accurate vehicle weight measurement under rolling traffic conditions.

  • Durable aluminum alloy profile and pre-loaded quartz disks
  • Meets ASTM, COST, and OIML standards
  • Easily installed flush onto any pavement surface with epoxy
  • Available in various lengths and cable lead options
  • Over 20 years of successful worldwide deployment, over 50,000 units installed
  • Accommodates low, medium, and high-speed Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) and vehicle classification applications

Lineas is a trademark owned by Kistler.

Piezoelectric RoadTrax BL Sensors

Clear signals for vehicle count. Permanent or temporary installation.

The Roadtrax BL Sensor offers permanent installation options into road slots or temporary tape-downs.

  • Highly accurate for speed and classification
  • Robust, and affordable sensors provide exceptional value
  • Deliver clear signals for vehicle count, speed, and WIM data
  • Available in both Class I and II versions for various applications
  • Flat design to minimize road noise—they're durable, easy to install, and compatible with cement and asphalt surfaces
  • Detect axles from bicycles to heavy trucks and are flexible and easily transported

Model 4020 Slow Speed WIM (SSWIM®) Scale

Accurately weighs vehicles at highway speeds. Checks vehicle weight and more.

Our Model 4020 SSWIM Scale accurately weighs vehicles at speeds up to 20 km/h (12 mph) and is ideal for checking truck weights, axle compliance, and bridge formula compliance.

  • Two shear beam load cells, this scale requires only one scale per lane, flush-mounted on roads at least 175 mm (7 in) deep
  • Offers a low life cycle cost and is a cost-effective alternative to traditional static weigh scales, with minimal maintenance expenses
  • Integrated systems allow various applications to operate in slow-speed weigh-in-motion and static scale modes
  • Enforcement capabilities enable efficient weight verification, with data storage available for further analysis

Precast Weigh-In-Motion

Expedite roadway projects. Minimize traffic disruptions.

We offer Precast WIM solutions to expedite roadway projects and minimize traffic disruptions.

  • Utilizes precast concrete pavement
  • Enables rapid installation even in high-traffic areas with limited nighttime lane closures
  • Integrated WIM sensors ensure reliability, stability, and durability
  • Seamlessly align with existing construction processes and equipment for a smooth implementation
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