Bicycle Data

Accurate bike counting. Reliable traffic monitoring.

Engineered for precision, convenience, and adaptability—our bicycle data products count bicycles via radar/lidar and fiber-optic sensing tech, catering to diverse installation requirements to give you the edge in bicycle traffic monitoring.


Accurate bike counting. Autonomously on paths.

Count bicycles accurately, autonomously on bicycle paths. Our radar/lidar technology offers significant advantages, including safer installations for traffic engineers and cost-effective solutions without disruptive road works.

  • Proven track record since 1993
  • Perform well under all weather conditions, as well as day and night
  • Ready-to-install delivery for instant bicycle traffic monitoring
  • 97% accurate in rush hour
  • Ability to count bicycles in a group

SL PUR-BS Sensor

In-road, fiber-optic sensor. Detects and counts cyclists.

The SL PUR-BS sensor is a modified SL PUR in-road fiber-optic sensor for bicycle detection and cyclist counting that has a softer top layer of polyurethane-based resin than the standard SL PUR sensor.

  • Designed for permanent installation in concrete or asphalt roads
  • Unique T-shape ensures a fast and long-term installation
  • Bicycle wheels are detected through the deformation of the SL PUR-BS sensor upon contact
  • Measures the pressure on bike lanes in real-time
  • Opto-electronic interfaces detect changes in optical transmittance

SL-EZ Sensor

Precise vehicle counting. On approach, or stopped.

The TMA-122 microwave detector replaces approach and presence loops at stop lines, detecting approaching and stopped vehicles for precise vehicle counting.

  • Adjustable detection range and two relays customize traffic control response to varying traffic conditions
  • Enhances intersection control by maintaining a "stop line" relay for easy vehicle counting and alerting the control system of potential congestion
  • Detection of moving and stationary vehicles
  • Range is up to 60 m/200 ft for movement, 10 or 15 m (30 to 50 ft)  for presence at the stop line
  • Above-ground installation, works in all weather conditions
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