Virtual Weigh Stations

Weight Monitoring. Data collection. Infrastructure protection.

VWS systems provide real-time and historical vehicle records for enforcement, traffic surveillance, and data collection.

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Near real-time data collection. Accessible on any device with a network connection.

VWS systems provide vehicle records for enforcement, traffic surveillance and/or data collection “in real time.”

A few key features and benefits:

  • Unobtrusively monitor commercial vehicle traffic
  • 24/7 virtual monitoring, scalability, an intuitive user interface, and powerful search capabilities
  • Improved commercial vehicle safety
  • Protection of pavement and bridge structures against premature damage due to overweight vehicles
  • Policing of trucks on secondary roads attempting to bypass main weighing/inspection stations
  • Improved identification of potential violators, leading to more efficient enforcement
  • Increased capacity to focus on safety issues
  • Enhanced data collection to improve road design
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