WiLAN is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quarterhill focusing on patent licensing. WiLAN is in the business of valuing ideas. WiLAN develops and commercializes innovative patented technologies, manages intellectual property and licenses these inventions to corporations.

WiLAN plays an important role in the intellectual property market. WiLAN manages the intellectual property of third-party inventors to ensure they receive fair compensation for their investment in research and development.

By enabling patent owners to sell or license patented intellectual property, WiLAN helps provide a financial incentive for inventors to invest in the development of new technologies.

In 1993, WiLAN launched its first commercial product, the 902-20 wireless modem. In 2006, WiLAN focused its business on protecting and monetizing patented inventions. WiLAN is based in Ottawa, Canada.

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International Road Dynamics

IRD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quarterhill, is a multi-discipline, technology company and a leading provider of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). It has the expertise to integrate ITS technologies into systems designed to solve unique and challenging transportation problems.

For 35 years IRD has been a recognized world leader in the design and installation of customized ITS solutions. Today, IRD manages traffic flow on more than 16,000 roads through its proprietary systems. IRD systems are installed around the globe, with major installations throughout North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The data generated and collected by IRD’s technology is a valuable source of analytics for the global transportation industry.

IRD’s corporate headquarters are in Saskatoon, Canada with corporate subsidiaries in the U.S., Chile, Mexico and India, and partnerships in Brazil and China. In addition, IRD is represented in other parts of the world through a network of factory trained distributors.

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