IRD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quarterhill, is a multi- discipline, technology company and a leading provider of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). It has the expertise to integrate ITS technologies into systems designed to solve unique and challenging transportation problems.

Today, IRD manages traffic flow on more than 16,000 roads through its proprietary systems. The data generated and collected by IRD’s technology is a valuable source of analytics for the global transportation industry.

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WiLAN is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quarterhill focusing on patent licensing. WiLAN is in the business of valuing ideas. WiLAN develops and commercializes innovative patented technologies, manages intellectual property and licenses these inventions to corporations.

WiLAN plays an important role in the intellectual property market. WiLAN manages the intellectual property of third-party inventors to ensure they receive fair compensation for their investment in research and development.

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Acquisition Criteria

Quarterhill is a growth-oriented company in the Intellectual Property (IP) and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) industries, pursuing an acquisition strategy that capitalizes on attractive trends in both ITS and its adjacent markets. We focus on acquiring good businesses and good teams with a demonstrated ability to sustainably and profitably grow. These businesses represent the vision and leadership of founders and strong management teams. Once acquired, we retain those teams and help to empower them to continue to grow and manage those businesses. We will seek organic growth in our existing businesses and once acquired, we’ll also look at tuck-in acquisitions that can be part of those same businesses providing incremental revenue and professional growth opportunities.