Insider Ownership

Below is a summary of the current direct and indirect ownership position of Quarterhill directors and officers. The summary is provided to assist interested individuals in determining the level of ownership that Quarterhill directors and officers have in the Company.

Insider Total Shares Held
Anderson, Roxanne   23,891
Gillberry, John 115,364
Laurie, Ron   38,163
McCarten, Paul   64,783
McEwan, Michael Shaun 100,000
McKinnon, Ian   19,143
Parker, Douglas  56,000
Shorkey, Richard   51,716
Skippen, James 412,900
Watchmaker, Prashant   50,100

A summary of recent transactions that have changed the share ownership position of Quarterhill directors and officers is provided below. Regular trading blackout periods begin two weeks before the end of a fiscal quarter and end the day that financial results for a given fiscal quarter are released. Detailed information on individual transactions is provided on the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI) at:

Insider Date Transaction Number of Shares Total Shares Held
Parker, Douglas08-16-2018Share Purchase28,00056,000
Parker, Douglas 05-14-2018Share Purchase28,00028,000
Anderson, Roxanne04-18-2018Exercise of DSUs5,89123,891
Gillberry, John04-18-2018Exercise of DSUs25,364115,364
Laurie, Ron04-18-2018Exercise of DSUs15,88838,163
McCarten, Paul04-18-2018Exercise of DSUs14,78364,783
McKinnon, Ian04-18-2018Exercise of DSUs6,64319,143
Shorkey, Richard04-18-2018Exercise of DSUs19,11551,716
McEwan, Shaun08-15-2017Share Purchase17,000100,000
Shorkey, Richard08-10-2017Share Purchase10,00032,601
Skippen, James 05-16-2017 Share Purchase 15,000 412,900
McKinnon, Ian 05-16-2017 Share Purchase 12,500 12,500
Skippen, James 05-11-2017 Share Purchase 3,000 397,900
McEwan, Shaun 05-08-2017 Share Purchase 17,000 83,000
Watchmaker, Prashant 05-08-2017 Share Purchase 2,000 50,100
Gillberry, John 09-13-2016 Share Purchase 5,000 90,000
Skippen, James 08-19-2016 Share Disposition 50,000 394,900
Skippen, James 08-18-2016 Share Disposition 109,400 444,900
Laurie, Ron 12-20-2015 Share Purchase 22,275 22,275
Skippen, James 12-14-2015 Share Purchase 15,000 554,300
Skippen, James 12-08-2015 Share Purchase 2,500 539,300
Skippen, James 12-07-2015 Share Purchase 600 536,800