About Quarterhill

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We are a growth-oriented, diversified holding company focused on the Industrial Internet of Things

Focusing on acquiring technology companies in the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) puts Quarterhill in position to generate growth opportunities in some of the fastest growing and most innovative parts of the global economy. Industrial IoT leverages the connectivity of critical machines and sensors to improve productivity and create new revenue streams.

Our acquisition strategy targets companies with a broad range of products and services that capture, analyze and interpret data. These companies have robust financial performance, excellent management teams, strong intellectual property underpinnings and significant opportunities to develop long-term, recurring and growing revenue streams.

The acquired businesses operate independently as subsidiaries of Quarterhill.

Focusing on Industrial IoT offers Quarterhill access to:

  • Fast-growing markets
  • Long-term growth fundamentals
  • Significant recurring revenues
  • Synergy with WiLAN’s IP business

A vertical market focus

Quarterhill will pursue Industrial IoT opportunities that can be broadly classified under the headings: mobility, city and factory.

Mobility covers a variety of transportation modes such as rail, marine, automotive and aviation and infrastructure like highways. By connecting vehicles to networks, industrial IoT applications allow for improved safety and traffic flow. More efficient and secure shipping of goods across the globe by air, land and sea are another major benefit. Knowing where products are in the supply chain in real time enhances the utility of purchasing and shipping decisions.

City includes areas like building automation, traffic control, water and wastewater management, and emergency response. Municipalities can use industrial IoT to make budgets go further based on highly detailed consumption patterns for energy and services. IoT also enhances public safety by coordinating emergency response based on real time data from the scene of an accident. Industrial IoT’s ability to allow for better understanding and anticipation of traffic flow for cars and public transit reduces congestion and helps cities work smarter.

Factory involves connecting machines and sensors in a range of industrial activities including advanced manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas. Repair and maintenance of industrial equipment is transformed under industrial IoT. Downstream monitoring of assembly lines and other activities helps to make downtime an anomaly. With industrial IoT, productive assets operate in an environment that maximizes their ability to deliver value by moving beyond preventative maintenance to predictive maintenance.