Acquisition Overview

M&A is a key part of Quarterhill’s growth strategy.

We focus on acquiring good businesses and good teams with a demonstrated ability to sustainably and profitably grow.

These businesses represent the vision and leadership of founders and strong management teams. Once acquired, we retain those teams and help to empower them to continue to grow and manage those businesses.

We will seek organic growth in our existing businesses and once acquired, we’ll also look at tuck-in acquisitions that can be part of those same businesses providing incremental revenue and professional growth opportunities.

Our Philosophy

Our Focus

Verticalized enterprise software and solutions servicing large and established industries

Technology-enabled companies servicing converging industries

Vertical Market Focus

Quarterhill will pursue acquisition opportunities at reasonable valuations that can be broadly classified under the following headings: Verticalized Software and Intelligent Industrial Systems.

Verticalized Software companies tend to be strong players providing enterprise software to large and established customers within large and stable industries or verticals. These companies often have intimate customer relationships and vertical knowledge which lead to new customers, recurring revenues, stable cash flows and margins.

Intelligent Industrial Systems includes companies that provide products and services to converging industries such as transportation to increase efficiency, safety or reliability within the market.

Outside of these selective markets, Quarterhill will remain opportunistic if a compelling acquisition opportunity arises in an adjacent market space.

Our Acquisition Criteria

We are happy to hear from founders, investors, agents or representatives of good businesses that meet the following criteria:

Our Sweet Spot
Dedicated Management Team Positive EBITDA Predictable Cash Flows Profitable Growth
Organic Growth Upside High Customer Retention Recurring Revenue Ability to Enhance Operations

Our team has years of experience and we pride ourselves on being able to close deals professionally, confidentially and quickly.  We do this by building an understanding of your business and using a principled approach throughout the deal process.

We are interested and able to work with agents.

For further information, contact: